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Electric soldering iron can be dividedseveral types
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1. The soldering iron can be divided into internal and external heated type two kinds, the general power of the external heated are larger. Internal heating electric volume is small, and the price is cheap. General electronic production with the 20 w - 30 w type soldering iron. Of course have a 50 w external heated soldering iron can encounter. Internal heating type electric heating efficiency is higher, but also change the welding head is more convenient.

Soldering iron is used for soldering, for the convenience of use, often in the solder wire, solder wire generally contain a run-off in rosin. Solder wire using about 60% tin and 40% lead synthesis, low melting point.

Rosin is a kind of flux, can help welding, must have the erhu, heard that also can buy from the pharmacy. Rosin can be directly used, can also be configured to rosin solution, is crushed the rosin, in a small bottle, add alcohol. Pay attention to the alcohol volatile, after use Remember the caps. Bottle can put a small piece of cotton, available with forceps clip out) on the printing plate or the components.

2, use the soldering iron should pay attention to the problem? New electric file file before using the soldering iron tip, wait for a while after turning on the power supply of the welding head color will change, proving that the soldering iron fever, and then use tin plating on solder wire on the soldering iron tines, make the iron not easy to be oxidized. In use, should make the welding head kept clean, and ensure the soldering iron tip always have solder. Using a soldering iron, solder iron temperature is too low, melting solder, or make the solder not completely melt and become not good-looking, not reliable. Is too high and can make the iron "burned" (although the temperature is very high, but not dipped in tin). Also to control the welding time, soldering iron stay time too short, solder is not easy to melt completely, good contact, form a "virtual welding, and welding time is too long, easy to damage, or make the cock of the printed circuit board copper foil. Generally one or two seconds to welding good a spot, if not completed, would rather wait for a while to weld again. Welding soldering iron can't move, should choose good contact with the position of the solder joint first, reoccupy of welding head lining tin surface to reach solder joints. Machine maintenance, often to replace components on printed circuit boards, you need to use the soldering iron, and is also high to the requirement of it. This is because the surface-mount technology on mobile phone components, components of small size, high integration, fine printed circuit, welding plate is small. If improper selection soldering iron in the welding process is easy to cause man-made fault, such as virtual welding, short circuit, and even some large devices such as shield welding, to adopt high power electric, so prepare to an average of more than 60 w coarse soldering iron head.

3, common electric specification is what kind of?

Common of the specifications of the soldering iron are: 30 w and 45 w, 60 w, and so on!

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