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Yingzhiyin "fight for territoryancient Central China" news
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Remember Eagle printing tools Henan area dealers Symposium cum product promotion orders will be held victory.

Henan Zhengzhou Zhongyuan political, economic and cultural center, Henan GDP in 2013 reached 3.21 yuan, ranked fifth in the country. The rapid rise of the economy that Henan market has become a hotly contested spot immediatelybusinessman. Yingzhiyin tool layout in advance, in 2014 April Henan sword. After careful preparations for nearly a month, in April 20, 2014 opened the eagle printing"" prelude to fight for territory in ancient Central China war -- yingzhiyin tools helddealer Symposium cum product promotion of Henan province will be ordering,invited Henan and the cities and counties dealers nearly home, three days of sales promotion orders will be ordering site received a total of nearly three million yuan in cash, get a remarkable record.

In April 20th, when the Henan Province Third Session of Hardware Expo was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, yingzhiyin choose thisopportunity in the exhibition and the convening of the eagle print dealer forum and promotion will be ordering. The evening's activities held in gold Deluxe quasi five star Henan Yin He Hotel Zhengzhou, and invited the famous host to host the siteactivity.

The speech will be ordering Sales Manager Lin Xiaolin in Eagle printing began.First he on behalf of the company, to extend our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to participate in this order will be the dealer. And introduced the route mapat the beginning of 2014 Eagle printing exhibitions and product promotion tours toeveryone: 2014 March yingzhiyin north of the capital city of Beijing, East Shanghai,North Shenyang and then, after a short rest, made brilliant achievements, and thenswept westward, directed at the Henan of Zhengzhou. The Henan Zhengzhou is the 2014 Eagle printing station fourth, Eagle printing will once again for our dealers to display the "Eagle" male character, achieve again brilliant record. Manager Linintroduced the company's future development vision to everybody: the company will continue to improve product quality, develop new products, promotion, strengthen the brand to develop new markets, looking for new market opportunities in the bigbackground of speeding up the economic development and the development opportunities, a growth of 30% for the 2014 success.

The chairman of golden sparrow company as a book printed on the meeting made a speech, to share with you about the experience of brand promotion and marketing management, expression of the eagle printing brand flourish in Henanarea of the confidence and expectations, and said the company will continue to work with the golden sparrow hawk printing company hand in hand, create brilliance.

The orders will be nearly 100 dealers, enthusiastic, actively involved in the orderactivity, the atmosphere is very warm. Eagle printing company with specializedprofessional marketing personnel for dealers to answer questions and explain the order of preferential policies, the realization of efficient service to understand the scene, scene, place an order field gifts. Orders in this conference Eagle printingcompany launched a promotion scheme 2014 "full free" on the spot, has made gratifying achievements, and dished out 4 cars Eagle printing image car, dozens ofelectric motorcycle to repay the vast number of dealers to Eagle printing companysupport and actively cooperate with the.

The party scene colorful programs, dance "flower season" will be a festive atmosphere of harmony into the scene, passionate rock music performance won the audience's applause and cheers, humor funny clown show "magic" triggeredbursts of laughter, full field a laughter. In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of all, the party also set part of the draw, put a lively atmosphere to a climax.

Eagle printing as one of the manual tool brand represents quality outstanding,attaches great importance to brand marketing and promotion, to constantly improve the brand in the system construction, and actively participated in various regions of the country's foreign exhibition, the order will, thank the party and other advertising activities, at the same time enhance brand visibility and influence of the increase ofthe dealer's understanding and communication. The order will be the victory ofHenan Zhengzhou, is the eagle printing brand in Henan area of a large work, theorder will create a more competitive brand image, strengthening the dealer's brand awareness, leading position consolidate yingzhiyin brand in the market. Eagleprinting company always adhere to the "mutual benefit and win-win" marketing idea,and in order to practical measures will reward our distributors, provides a convenient platform for the dealer orders, rich feedback gift services and marketing team, at the same time through face-to-face communication to strengthen exchanges, enhance friendship, and seek common development.

Act with united strength the eagle printing tools Zhongyuan victory thanks to allyingzhiyin dealers, as well as the joint efforts of all the officers and men of the eagleand India, India people exploit a victory Eagle forward, done in one vigorous effort,2014 will be worth waiting for a year.

The chairman of golden sparrow company as a book printed in the meetingexpressed yingzhiyin trust and support.

The party, Eagle press marketing team and Henan around the dealers have a joyous gathering, renew our friendship.

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